After the surprise success of Batman Arkham Asylum, gamers and comic book fans alike were itching to get a copy of its sequel, Batman Arkham City. And there is great news: the new game is even better than the first one. Now, instead of being confined to Arkham Island you get to move around in an amazingly beautiful, sectioned off part of Gotham City.

The story is extremely strong, with a thick plot. In summary, Arkham Island had become too small to contain all the villains, so some of Gotham City has been blocked off to house them all. Batman is campaigning against this idea and goes in to take all the villains out.

In this sequel there are a wider variety of characters, such as Penguin, Mr. Freeze, Two Face and many more, and gamers also get the chance to play as Cat Woman. There are a host of new tools at your disposal and combat is even more fulfilling than it used to be; it is easier to string together combos and use gadgets in your attacks.

This game had huge boots to fill, but those boots do not even fit; this game goes above and beyond the call of duty to deliver an exhilarating, yet flawless journey, with never a dull moment.


Felix Feldman


5 responses »

  1. Damian Zane says:

    What a great review. Hope there are more like this!

  2. sami says:

    well done felix

  3. hamzabhula says:

    One of my favorite games, hope they make more games like this in the future!

  4. Callum Jones says:

    This is a great game, I loved it I just felt that the game was too short…but it was brilliant while it lasted.

  5. Chris S says:

    Best game EVER 😀

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