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The most mature of its animated films to date, Up is Pixar at its best. The film delicately weaves laughter and sorrow into a fine plot that can be enjoyed by all ages, and also proves that you don’t need to patronise children when talking about death.

Up tells the story of a curmudgeonly old widower named Carl Fredricksen, who, when confronted by conscienceless business tycoons who want his house destroyed, decides to break out of his shell, strap balloons to his house and fly to Paradise Falls. This journey is inspired by Fredricksen’s childhood hero, Charles Muntz, who is later revealed to be a flawed and amoral character. However, as our hero flies off to his destination he is joined by a clumsy and inexperienced boy scout called Russell. Before long both become locked in an adventure to save a bird from Charles Muntz and his talking dogs.

As the plot develops the unlikely friendship between Carl and Russell blossoms, enabling Pixar to show beautifully how Carl, a grumpy old man, embraces life by having an adventure of his own.

The masterful animation, the mix of laughter with heart-breaking shots and a host of engaging characters make Up a brilliant film. The first few minutes of the film present a wordless montage of Carl and his childhood sweetheart Ellie; in those few minutes the montage offers more laughter and sorrow than most Hollywood films combined.

In summary Up is a melancholic story but Pixar uses this to create one off the funniest, heart-warming films animation can offer. A beautiful movie that should be remembered ‘Up’ there with the Pixar movie legends.


Elton Cas


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  1. Miss Thomas says:

    I was surprised how much I enjoyed this film too. Pixar always seems to achieve just the right mix of pathos and comedy in its animation films and Up is certainly one of the best. Great pun by the way!

  2. Syla says:

    Best movie ever!

  3. tarik brir says:

    syla this movie is dead and this is not even near the best movie in there world

  4. hamzabhula says:

    An excellent review but not by the standard of me, however I still don’t get the pun.

  5. lbarcomorgan says:

    Tarik, I wouldn’t say that this movie is “dead,” you may find it a bore but other people, like Syla, enjoy(ed) this film. Not only that but the animation is quite good.

  6. Ryanna Ryan says:

    A very good review, you explained the plot of the story but not too much so that you gave it away.

  7. Na'Imah says:

    Great review. I agree the film is very effective in making the viwwer feel a certain emotion .

  8. awwww this movie is so sweet! loved it.

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