District 9 is a alien movie attempting to do what no other has ever done before, and let’s say, no one saw this coming. A jaw dropping mix of an intense plot, extreme action and historical issues make this a first encounter never to forget.

District 9 starts as a documentary about a group of aliens named ‘Prawns’ whose spaceship had ground to a halt over Johannesburg in South Africa 20 years earlier. Since then the humans had moved the aliens to so-called townships, which were actually slums bossed by Nigerian gangsters who took advantage of the scared aliens. But when the people begin to get angry with the aliens the government sends an armed group of security officers known as the ‘MNU’ in to District 9 to get the ‘Prawns’ to move to a new camp. However, when the convoy of  APCs return to the MNU hq, newly promoted field manager Wicus discovers he is changing in strange ways, after he was sprayed by liquid from a container found in an alien shack. He soon finds himself a fugitive and the most valuable item on earth. Needing help from the ‘Prawns’ Wicus attempts to set his life straight but events take an unhelpful turn.

An excellent feature of the film is how it satirises the apartheid system in South Africa and the way it shows how people in power through history have failed to to treat groups of people (or, in this case aliens) that are different to them as their equals.

There are no faults in District 9: stunning special effects, excellent drama and subtle layers of meaning ensure that this movie rises high and mighty above all tacky alien invasions and extraterrestrial horror films to tackle the truth behind the historical contact between earthlings.


Felix Feldman


5 responses »

  1. Mia says:

    Great film, great review. Keep up the good work!

  2. Miss Thomas says:

    I really enjoyed this film too Felix, it’s certainly a clever take on the apartheid.

  3. guyman120 says:

    As did I. i also wish to draw attention to the theme of appartheid. i believe the director captured the traditional african mentality perfectly, and just, makes you think how much history would contrast if the black people ruled and the white were enslaved, but i digress.
    Another great review felix!

  4. Cairo Puckerin says:

    Great review on a great movie, well done Felix!

  5. Kayleigh says:

    Interesting review, well done.

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