At its core FIFA 12 is still the same football game we have come to love since 1998, but with every aspect of the game enhanced from last year’s version, it is definitely the best football game around.

The first point to talk about is the new tactical defending, which really adds another dimension of play to the game. Instead of holding down a button till your player shoves the opponent of the ball you now must tackle yourself, jockey and double up on players forcing them into mistakes. This new feature will take some getting used to but is a huge bonus to FIFA. In addition there is the new precision dribbling system, which helps you beat players and steal a yard to get your shot away. This is a really great feature balanced out by improved AI awareness.

There is also the new player impact engine which allows players to realisticly fall to the ground when tackled or shoved. This looks great and even causes injuries, but there are very funny moments when it goes wrong and players slide tackle their team-mates, fall over randomly or end up in a pile on top of a goal keeper.

As expected the graphics have had an impressive upgrade and the customisable commentary teams add to the authenticity. The new career mode has also had an upgrade, adding realistic player prices and a deadline day which is really tense. You also need to respond to players’ demands like a prem start after an impressive cup display or a chance to play upfront. I have already clocked up 1 or 2 hours of fun from building my Arsenal squad. As per usual FIFA has taken another leap forward and a significantly bigger one than 10 ,11 and PES have.


Felix Feldman


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  1. Noredin Bakkali says:

    Felix this is a fantastic review, and you have certainly convinced me into buying this game now!

    Well Done!

  2. Miss Thomas says:

    Your thoughtful use of verbs makes this review a pleasure to read.

  3. Aaron Ouwus says:

    Nice work felix keep it up

  4. Darlington Nwosu says:

    Felix this is an amazing review, you have made this game sound very exciting with all its new features and controls.
    Good work!

  5. Omar Kanyi says:

    Nice work. I like the way you describe some features of the game in detail, like tactical defending.

  6. Miichaela says:

    Well Done Felix.

  7. Detta Waday says:

    Well done. This is a well written and balanced review.

  8. Aslam Bharuchi says:

    A very good review, detailed and interesting at the same time.

  9. Tarik Brir says:

    Felix this is a fantastic review, and you have certainly convinced me into buying this game now.

    All about FIFA 12 🙂

  10. Mohammed Omar says:

    Very, very brilliant review Felix. In my eyes you have persuaded me to buy this game and whoever reads it will be persuaded as well!

  11. Ishaq Miah says:

    Well writen Felix Feldman, I see great use of vocabulary. Just as good, if not better than the actual tutorial.

  12. Collins Amos says:

    The first thing to talk about is manager mode, which makes the game realistic. For example in FIFA 11 you can buy anyone for a good price, but in FIFA 12 the buying process is more like real life. But I believe it can be much better and I’m sure this will be the case with FIFA 13. Nevertheless it is a fantastic game.

  13. Cherno Ann says:

    Very good review Felix, your use of verbs is fantastic!

  14. lorenzowebster says:

    I absolutely love playing this game and i 100% agree with every thing you have said.

  15. Rooman says:

    This game was well worth buying , nice review.

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