What do we expect to find in a novel? Most young people seek out writing based on adventure, fantasy or romance; however, this book is rather different. It focuses on a young boy who constantly fights against his mother for the right to freedom and for the chance to live a normal life. His body overcome by scars and bruises, his hands numb from the sleepless nights of being anxious, alone, scared. A Child called ‘It’, a Number One Bestseller, is full of merciless beatings and scenes of horror as Dave Pelzer, the author, tries to escape his mother’s constant, callous acts to make his life seem worthless.

A Child called ‘It’ is an unforgettable story of a child whose courage and unyielding determination enable him to survive the life-threatening odds against him. As a young boy Dave is brutally beaten and is almost killed by his mother’s torturous acts. Although It contains situations of mistreatment Dave suffered, it is a real life story of the indomitable human spirit. This gripping account is told through the eyes of a child–who will go to any lengths to escape the cruel hand that fate appears to have dealt him.


Hamza Bhula

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  1. Miss Thomas says:

    This sounds like a gripping novel, Hamza. Have you read any other books by Dave Pelzer?

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