The all new, all action Battlefield 3 game is the next great title in the Battlefield series. Following on from Battlefield Bad Company 2, the new game is a huge success and is rated as the best online multiplayer game of the year; above the highly anticipated Call of Duty MW3, which was set to be the best of the saga so far. The new Bf3 game incorporates all new features that make gameplay much more fair and allow new players to have a good game, but also allows more experienced players an advantage over their enemies.

Bf3 has a unique class system with specific characteristics and abilities asigned to each class; one new addition is a player guided, remote control radar which allows the player to actively look out for and spot enemy vehicles, enabling your teammates to look out for and disable them. Spotting is another great new feature introduced in the new game, which allows targets to be laser designated for destruction, allowing the infantry to have as much control as a three tonne tank!

One thing that Bf3 has kept from BfBC2 is the differenciation between the different class setups. Each class has its own specific equipment, the assault class comes standard with health kits so you can heal your teammates and once you unlock the defibrilator you can even bring them back to life. Next is the engineer, a class specifically designed for the use and destruction of vehicles. With this class you will be able to take control of, take care of, and even take down any type of vehicle. Then you’ve got the support class; with this class you’re the backbone of your team, supplying more ammunition and providing suppressive fire your vital in any team game. Finally comes recon, the marksman of the battlefield. The objective of the marksman is to take out enemy ground threats and cover your teammates’ backs as they make their assault.

Other than the exciting team play game modes and action packed maps, the development team is constantly releasing patches to make the online experience much fairer and more fun for all the players. They actively make individual guns more or less powerful and change how the game plays, depending on the feedback recieved from the online players that is posted on the online forums. The Battlefield team has also introduced online invigilators to make sure that all online games are fair and reasonably non biased. This ensues all online players have a great experience on the battlefield.

The final key feature in Battlefield3 is a new scheme of setting players asignments, which are designed to improve their team play and reward the players with unlocks to help them when they play in the future. By doing this the Development team has encouraged people to get involved in their team and help out each other to make the battle exciting and this allows players to get more involved specifically playing key roles.

The only thing is, have you got what it takes to be the next great player of the battlefield and astound everyone with your tight team play and efficiency? Or will you choose to run up front and be the hero of the game, arming bombs and saving your teammates from trouble? The only thing is… do you have what it takes?

Tom Willingham

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  1. felixgamer2 says:

    I agree but COD comes out on top in the end

  2. Miss Thomas says:

    An excellent review. I like the way you analyse the game’s features in such detail that I can almost imagine exactly what it’s like to play.

  3. OzzyCR7Gamer says:

    COD is much better than Battle Field, but overall great review Felix!

  4. Omar Kanyi says:

    Although Battlefields is a good game COD still beats it.

  5. Krystian Kulczycki says:

    Nice review, but I dont really agree with some points. Mw3 is better :).

  6. Aaron Daniel says:

    This is so awesome!

  7. Syla says:

    Overall COD is better then Battlefield.

  8. Cherno Ann says:

    Battlefield 3 is a very good game but, in my opinion I think COD is better. Overall a good review felix!

  9. Kubilay says:

    BF3 is good but overall since Call of Duty is the top game played, in my opinion Call of Duty is better.

  10. Tarik Brir says:

    Call of Duty is better but I think that Battlefield is all right.

  11. Uwais Hakim says:

    This is a really good review on BF3. I agree with all points about this game, BF3 has a better storyline, but in my opinion Mw3 has the better online gameplay.

  12. Dylan Owen says:

    Nice review, I am definitely buying this game now!

  13. Kasiah says:

    Battlefield 3 is great but in every aspect Call of Duty triumphs overall.

  14. Michaela. says:

    Very good. COD’s better though, :).

  15. cagatay colak says:

    I have always been a fan of Call Of Duty but you have shown why Battlefield 3 deserves to be played as well .

  16. Darcus says:

    The only good thing about Battlefeild 3 is the graphics.

  17. Austin says:

    I love this game and the graphics.

  18. Noredin Bakkali says:

    Great Review; but I will always be a COD fan purely because of its fame and success in the past. But you have clearly shown why we should feel the same way toward Battlefield as well.

  19. Elton CAS says:

    I think BF3 is better than COD because you don’t just shoot everything that moves, you must think tactically and co-operate with your teamates to break through the enemy’s defences. You also get to drive a lot of vehicles and blow buildings up, so no one can ever camp in Battlefield. The only thing I hate about Battlefield 3 is the trollers.

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