For a long time the Muppets had disappeared and were replaced by cartoons but this funny, exciting and all round enjoyable new movie is the perfect comeback for the performing puppets.

The movie starts by showing a young puppet boy and his human brother growing up. The boy never felt like he fitted in, but when he rented a Muppet video from a shop he found something he really loved. The boy’s brother was going to take his girlfriend to LA, so he tags along to find the Muppet studio. However, when they arrive all is not what they expected. The studio has been abandoned for 10 years and evil villain Tex Richman wants to buy it and find the oil underneath. The little puppet boy Walter, his brother and brothers girlfriend try to track down Kermit the frog and get the Muppets back together. The Muppets need to raise 10 million dollars to buy back the studio so they get to work making a new show.

This movie appeals to all audiences with plenty of songs and dance, as well as humour for adults and children. As always, Miss Piggy steals the show with great one-liners and stubborn jokes. In addition, an all star cast and a number of cameo appearances makes the Muppet Movie the must see, feel good movie of the year.

By Felix Feldman 


10 responses »

  1. Alicia Wardle says:

    Well done Felix! After I read this review it made me want to know more. Your review was interesting and informative.

  2. Saneeta Kaur says:

    I used to think Moppets were dead boring but this great review changed my mind 🙂

  3. tarik brir says:

    The muppets are scary 😦

  4. Syla says:

    So true Tarik.

  5. Mohammed says:

    The crazy drummer is very scary!

  6. Alicia Wardle says:

    True Saneeta, I used to think it was for babies but now my opinion has changed.

  7. Kubilay says:

    Muppets is quite boring, but this sort of changed my mind. However, if I had the option of either watching the Muppets or Barney’s Friends my answer would be Barney’s Friends.

  8. Tajsia says:

    Now I want to watch The Muppets

  9. Brandi Roach says:

    This review was very interesting. I find the muppets to be very boring but after reading this review it has changed my mind about what I think about them.
    Good work, keep it up 🙂

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