FIFA Street 4 is a street football series  that provides a unique twist on professional football and the iconic game is integral to FIFA’s fame and success. The all new version is an enhanced and impressive addition to the previous FIFA Streets, and various features of the game have been developed.

The all new locations look perfect and ideal for street football, but it’s not only the venues that have been improved; the audience interaction has also been enhanced. This means that the audience has a wider variety of reactions, depending on what happens in the game. All of these features all contribute the authenticity of the game.

In addition, the new tactical skills that have been put in place allow you to go through your opponent depending on their physical status, meaning that you can grasp those extra yards to get your fiery shot away.

The new point and reward system has definitely helped me purchase skilful players from other squads to make my so called “dream team”, and rank up my overall experience level to let people know how good I am. As well as that, the defending in FIFA Street 4 is operated differently, meaning that instead of just pressing a button to retrieve the ball, you control how much pressure you apply to get the ball back in to possession.

Ultimately this is a phenomenal and almost perfect game that is definitely worth spending your money on. FIFA Street 4 is an exciting addition to FIFA’s already impressive arsenal of football games.


Noredin Bakkali

About Miss Thomas

I am an English teacher at The City Academy, Hackney.

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  1. lorenzowebster says:

    Now i want to buy this game even more!

    Great review!

  2. Noredin Bakkali says:

    Thank you very much Lorenzo, i will be posting more game reviews soon!

  3. Detta Waday says:

    Well done, this is an outstanding review. 5 out of 5 😉

  4. Aaron Owusu says:

    Noredin, although you have expained why the game is so BRI-LI-ANT I think the game is terrible.

  5. Aslam says:

    A ok review but you need to go into more depth about why this game is made.Overall 4 out of 5 🙂

  6. Noredin Bakkali says:

    Aaron, although you do not particularly like the game, the majority of people do, purely because of its popularity internationally.Hence why I posted this review.

    • Sharmarke Farah says:

      You have written a review on a demo, it’s always better than the actual game so you shouldn’t get happy when you’re surprised when it’s exactly like Fifa street 3.

  7. Cagatay Colak says:

    Nice review Noredin you have really dragged me into buying this game! KEEP IT UP!

  8. Noredin Bakkali says:

    Thanks a lot Cagatay, your comments have been really motivational!

  9. Aaron Owusu says:

    Sorry about the negative post Noredin. Although I do not approve of the game I wouldn’t mind buying it now because of all the positive comments you have been getting. Overall I think your review has a great amount of detai,l and I encourage people to buy it.

  10. Devinder says:

    Great review Noredin, I really want this game now; can’t wait till it comes out.

  11. chris says:

    Nice review! really enjoyed it!

  12. Rooman says:

    Good review, I think I will buy this.

  13. Yusuf says:

    Great review, hope it turns out well and does not fail. But your review is persuading me to but this game.

  14. Collins says:

    Well done

  15. tarik brir says:

    This game looks amazing! I am geting this when this comes out.

  16. Roy says:

    This is a very phenomenal review.

  17. Thais says:

    I like that game 😛

  18. Ibrahim Farah says:

    This review is great that you describe how unique it is. Good work.

  19. kieran hart says:

    Your review is making me want to buy FIFA Street 4 even more.

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