The Grapes of Wrath, like many of Steinbeck’s works, is a novel based on the Dust Bowl and the life of migrant workers. The story follows the lives of the Joad family; our protagonist, Tom Joad, is a convict who is still deeply loved by his family after he broke the law and still manages to gain respect and trust from those around him. The story explores different types of heart aches that migrants went through, as well as the things that truly lifted their spirits and gave the migrants hope that they will find their Eden.Tom Joad and his family struggle through many things on their road to a better place and suffered many health threatening problems.

However, the story doesn’t just show the negative aspects of migrant life, it also shows the joyous moments that migrants shared such as meeting new people, for example, when the Joads meet a travelling couple whom they later join. Not only does The Grapes of Wrath focus on human aspects of the time, but it also shines a light on the perishing land. This book is very enjoyable and would be recomended for people in their mid-teens and onward, if you’re looking for a challenge that is.


Louise Barco-Morgan

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