When Brink was released it promised to change the way we play first person shooters forever; sadly Bethsheda Softworks gave us a broken and dull game which should have been great.

 Brink is set atop a floating city called The Ark that has been isolated for over twenty years. The remaining humans have split into two factions: the security forces and the rebels. You are able to choose your side and this is an exciting feature of the game, but when you realise the campaign’s eight missions will have exactly the same objectives no matter which side you choose, you see this as no more than a setting that changes your character’s accent.

Each side wants control of the Arc and through the campaign’s eight missions you do exactly the same thing over and over again; blow something up, protect something for an amount of time, hack this etc. For the first mission this may be enjoyable but the tedious objectives and constant need to change class mean the missions are boring and take well over half an hour each.

Another aspect of the game that showed promise was the class system, which allowed the player to become one of four classes at any time, but the only difference between them are the subtle abilities which they gain. However, needing to change all the time slows the game down and doesn’t allow you to grow to one class. On the other hand Brink does give you lots of choice when it comes to acquiring new weapons and customising your character’s size, outfit and face, but again Brink lets you down when the maximum level is achievable after two or three days, meaning you don’t really want to carry on playing.

When playing online the game borders on fun: you play the same missions as the campaign but human teammates are better. The multiplayer is sadly broken, it is so laggy the game often freezes completely and when you do play bullets may fly straight through an opponent or you might clip through a wall. Again Brink’s graphics looked promising with a unique art style, but shady environments and pixelated lines make the game feel cheapand rushed, meaning that you aren’t immersed in the game like other shooters. Brinks’ gameplay is reasonably good with solid shooting mechanics and the new SMART movement, which allows players to slide and climb all across the map; nowhere is impossible to reach, unlike most games where you are boxed into one area.

The genre-changing game that we were promised didn’t appear on this occasion, but with some good ideas Brink could be developed into something special. But in the end we can only judge a game by what it gives us to play and sadly Brink gave us very little to get excited about. This is a game not worth your time.


Felix Feldman

3 responses »

  1. Joseph Beacall says:

    I was thinking to buy this game but now I am convinced that it is a good game, great review!

  2. Miss Thomas says:

    It’s good to read a negative review that so clearly explains the flaws in the game. Well done Felix.

  3. Cherno Ann says:

    Good review Felix, I used to hate this game but you’ve convinced me to get it.

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