It is great to be active and sporty, especially in the winter months, but not so cool when your sportswear is sloppy. We’ll show how to work off your Christmas belly in style.

Running Shoe – Nike Lunarglide+ 3 Shield iD 


These high quality trainers are comfortable, easy to run in and stylish. They stand out because of the purple on the side. If you spend a bit more on more expensive trainers like these, then they will last for longer than if you buy cheap ones to cut costs. The Nike Lunarglides are water resistant, have extra cushioning and best of all, you can even have your name printed on the tongue!


Tracksuit – Adidas Women’s 365 Wover Tracksuit in pink or blue


This tracksuit is both comfortable and practical. It is waterproof and windproof, making it perfect for exercising in the harsh weather of winter! Also, it is colourful and guaranteed to brighten your mood!


Laurel Mannering Thorne and Yolanda Gray-Lucero

About Miss Thomas

I am an English teacher at The City Academy, Hackney.

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  1. Miickii. says:

    Well done, Yolanda & Laurel. You chose a stylish outfit that I like. Well done!

  2. simge bostanci says:

    I really like the combination, they suit each other. You have done a very good job of explaining their features. I might even go and buy both items now!

  3. sonia obasogie says:


  4. Emma Hall says:

    It’s well written but wouldn’t it be better if you compared it with another product?

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