Apple surprised many of its customers by releasing the brand new iPhone 4s when everyone was waiting eagerly for the iPhone 5. But despite the reservations of both public and press, the 4S impresses as an updated version of the iPhone 4, which a major hit in the phone industry during 2011-12.

The 4S has been adapted and enhanced in a variety of ways: the camera has been upgraded to 8MP (with an improved ratio), the CPU is now the same dual-core A5 processor as seen in the iPad 2, and there is now a seven fold increase in graphical processing power.

In addition, Apple has conjured up a brand new app known as Siri, which is an ingenious voice recognition device. Could this be a step into the future, or just a gimmick to shift the phones?  Well it’s certainly useful to have a built-in personal assistant that you can command using natural speech, that has the ability to check train times at the drop of a hat, and that can spot any clashes in your diary.  On the other hand, cynics might believe Siri’s just been created to compete against the HTCs or Samsungs in the market.

In terms of design the 4S is identical to the 4 in its appearance, and this disappointed its many customers because they thought that there was very little difference between the two in terms of the system as well. However, the 4S also has a variety of designer accessories such as covers to show off to your friends. In addition, the 4S offers two speakers at the standard bottom of the phone which actually produce quite decent sound.

In general the iPhone 4s is a high tech, expensive phone which would suit gadget geeks, or simply those looking for a sleek, modern phone.


Cagatay Colak

About Miss Thomas

I am an English teacher at The City Academy, Hackney.

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  1. Noredin Bakkali says:

    Absolutely phenomenal review Cagatay, your consistent use of persuasive adjectives have made me realise how much difference there really was. KEEP IT UP!

  2. Aaron Owusu says:

    Excellent review Cagatay, you obviously know a lot about the iPhone 4S and how it works.
    I also Iike how you are comparing it to the iPhone 4.

  3. Detta Waday says:

    Well done, Cagatay, well written.

  4. chris says:

    An ok review, but it could of been improved a lot.

  5. Cagatay Colak says:

    Thank you

  6. sonia obasogie says:

    Well done Cagatay, very well explained, I’m loving the imformation given 🙂

  7. ejcas says:

    There are only software upgrades instead of the much needed hardware improvements like quad-core or 1GB of RAM to allow Apple to compete with Android. Anyway Apple is more of software (look at how many apps it has) instead of hardware. Great review Cagatay.

  8. Aaron says:

    Amazing! Fabulous, what else can I say?

  9. michaela says:

    Well done Cagatay.

  10. Katy Lay says:

    Great review. However I find its too biased.

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