Angelina, Angelina, your pose is so fake. Do you really think you could come half naked to the Oscars and not get criticized for what you’re wearing? We know you’re proud of your pins but the ludicrously high cut of your dress is not that right leg any favours. In fact, it looks pretty sinister poking out of that heavy, velvet robe.

Now we know that posing on the red carpet is pretty much a given, but you didn’t need to keep it up all night long. Even when you presented the award the leg was still jutting out for all to see… and presumably admire.

Although it’s always a battle for the spotlight, next time we’d advise you to avoid focusing on one particular body part and concentrate on ensuring the whole outfit looks spot on.

Or perhaps next time you should just wear long johns to prevent any further indecent exposures.


Nicole Marshall

About Miss Thomas

I am an English teacher at The City Academy, Hackney.

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  1. dapperdolly says:

    The vast majority of people I’ve seen have praised this look but you’re one of the few I agree with. I thought it was very strange for a heavy/full dress like that that almost has a bustle like fullness at the front would have a thigh high slit on it, it doesn’t really work well together. Then, her leg looks scrawny, bony and very pale which adds up to looking like a skeleton with Red lips.

  2. Aisjat says:

    This is good work Nicole

  3. Noredin Bakkali says:

    A very good review Nicole. You include your opinion with humour, which is very effective. Well Done!

  4. Detta Waday says:

    Great review

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