Multitalented rapper, director, writer and actor Adam Deacon stars in hilarious comedy Anuvahood  as a wannabe MC  called Kenneth (K) . Anuvahood is a comedy amalgamation of the films Adulthood and Kidulthood that explores the how young adults without jobs in Hackney are forced into crime to make ends meet.

K is forced to start dealing drugs to save his home from the bailiffs after losing his job.  He and his hopeless crew end up getting themselves mixed up in all kinds of problems, from fights to gun crime and drugs. As well as taking a humorous look at gang life, the film also explores how hard life is for the families of gang members.

In this cracking comedy one character dominates: Tyrone, the estate’s bully, who picks on everyone regardless of their age. When Tyrone steals K`s dope K must risk life and limb to get it back all so that he and his family can keep their home, and to do this K must rely on other residents from the estate.

This film explores some of the serious issues affecting Hackney through comedy, pulling it off masterfully.


Jourdan Preddie-Stewart


About Miss Thomas

I am an English teacher at The City Academy, Hackney.

14 responses »

  1. Miss Thomas says:

    Nice review Jourdan, you summarise the plot effectively. Did you find the characters in the film rung true?

  2. Cherno Ann says:

    Fantastic review Jourdan. Anuvahood is one of the funniest film I ever watched. You have encouraged me to watch it again.

  3. Nicolisha says:

    Good work this is the best work I’ve seen from you.

  4. Jourdan Preddie-Stewart says:

    Thank you for your comments.

  5. omar says:

    Good review Jourdan.

  6. Tajsia says:

    I agree with Nicolisha, that was a good review.

  7. Courtney Hooper says:

    Great review, and excellent movie!!

  8. chris says:

    The review is excellent, but the film is good, its not great.

  9. MONKZ says:

    Its not based in hackney and plus his name Is not K its Kay

  10. BossBurland says:

    It’s KAY not K and it’s not based in Hackney either.
    Check over your spelling and learn your facts please 🙂
    Other than that … great stuff!

  11. EB. says:

    Your Review Is Really Good , But I Think that Some Of The Your Facts Are Incorrect

  12. Jamie Greg says:

    He left his job, he never lost it.

  13. Samzy says:

    Nice one Jourdan!

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