Is there life after death? In this adaptation of Susan Hill’s 1983 ghost story, it certainly seems to be the case. This scary tale has been a West End fixture since 1989 and the film looks to mirror its success.

Daniel Radcliffe plays Arthur Kips, who leaves his young son behind in London to head north to the village of Crythin Gifford. He goes there to sort the affairs of the late Mrs Drablow, the sole resident of Eel Marsh House – or so it would seem.

In the village, he encounters Royston Vasey who doesn’t take kindly to Drablow’s deserted island, cut off from the mainland by the treacherous (and misleadingly named) Nine Lives Causeway. There Arthur Kips encounters something far worse.

From the dirty streets of London to the scummy causeway, the film’s director creates a sense of unease, as if something bad is just around the corner.

Stranded there over night, Kips encounters a variety of ghostly happenings, from toys with a life of their own to pale faces at the window.  In places, these horrific happenings are shown extremely effectively, for example the woman in black herself.

Overall the Woman in Black is a great film that those who enjoy twists, turns and thrills will love.


Omar Kanyi


About Miss Thomas

I am an English teacher at The City Academy, Hackney.

7 responses »

  1. Miss Thomas says:

    I’ve been to see the theatre production of Woman in Black (which is terrifying, by the way) and I’m worried that the film won’t compare. Omar, did you find the it genuinely frightening?

  2. Uwais says:

    This review is quite thrilling, it makes me want to watch it desperately!

  3. omar says:

    It was scary!!

  4. Jourdan Preddie-stewart says:

    Great review Omar, this was well written 🙂

  5. Awesome review this movie was really good, great story line but Daniel Radcliffe can’t act.

  6. BossBurland says:

    This movie isn’t really scary to me however I think the way in which you descried it makes people want to watch it. Great use of adjectives. Well done! 😀

  7. alicia b says:

    Well done you have persuaded me.

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