America’s Next Top Model is a TV show in which Tyra Banks trains amateur models to make it in the modelling industry as true professionals.

This hugely successful, which sees wannabe models face challenges, catwalks and photoshoots, is currently in its 17th series. As the series progresses, various unruly divas are ejected from the programme and the heat is on to impress the judges, who’ll have the final vote as to which of the women becomes America’s Next Top Model.

The cast of the judging panel are central to the show, and in this series the judges comprise Andre Leon Talley, Nigel Barker, Jay Manuel, Jay Alexander and ex-model and presenter Tyra Banks.

In essence the show teaches the young hopefuls that the modelling industry is not easy. A number of the tasks set for the models seem irrelevant and often humiliating, and their utter devotion to performing these degrading assignments can portray them as pathetic.  

However, the rigorous trials also teach the models that they’ll need to accept constructive criticism and develop a thick skin to survive in the profession.

As with all reality TV shows, the modelling is often upstaged by the crackling tension that inevitably develops between the contestants. For weeks these women not only compete against each other daily, but live together in close confines. As you can imagine, the atmosphere usually becomes more than a little frosty. 

In general, ANTM is an entertaining series that provides just as much entertainment by focusing on the relationship between the competitors, than it does by presenting the world of modelling.


Zhanade Roberts

About Miss Thomas

I am an English teacher at The City Academy, Hackney.

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  1. Na'Imah says:

    This a very well written review, you have managed to include a lot of information. Well done!

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    This is a very detailed writing, you have showed the reader what you are talking about. Well done!

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    I like your review, it is very interesting and engaging. I shall tune in to the next show.

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    Your review was interesting. You explain well what is was about and the main things about it.

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