This February an amazing event took place: the launch of the Bangladesh Premier League of Cricket, or BPL.

Although the auction market wasn’t as busy as expected, the league boasted some the world’s greatest cricket legends such as Sanath Jayasuria( Sri Lanka), Chris Gayle( West Indies), Kieran Pollard( West Indies), Brad Hodge( Australia), Andre Russell( West Indies), Brad Hogg( Australia) and many others. These greats of cricket were playing alongside the world’s best all-rounder, Shakib Al Hasan.

Throughout the IPL matches the stadium remained packed with supporters and Bollywood celebrities. The reason? All fans said that the BPL is much more exciting than the IPL. In the IPL the richest team, who is able to buy the most expensive players, usually wins all the matches; in contrast, matches in the BPL were so tight that it was nearly impossible to predict or to tell who was going to win the league. Rankings were changing all the time.

Some of the players shook the whole world with their performance and the International Cricket Council struggled to determine player ratings. One of the best examples of this was  Mohammed Ashraful (Bangladesh), whose abysmal performance saw his rating dropped from A+ to D. However, in a twist of fate, his brilliant half centuries boosted his rating up again to A+.

At the end of the series the person who scored the most runs was Ahmed Shehzad (Barisal) 486 (12 matches). The players with most wickets were Elias Sunny (Dhaka) 17 (12 matches)  and Mohammad Sami (Rajshahi) 17 (11 matches). Shakib Al Hasan was named the Man of the Series.

You can still see the highlights at ESPN and if you do, don’t miss Chris Gayle’s two centuries in that tournament. All in all, the BPL was full of sixes and packed with dramatic matches. I’m just waiting for the next tournament to take place because I know it’ll be even more exciting than this year’s.

Farhan Jaisin


About Miss Thomas

I am an English teacher at The City Academy, Hackney.

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  1. Jiangpei says:

    Sounds good but it looks a bit incomplete!

  2. sanchez says:

    very informative and good information on the players

  3. BossBurland says:

    This is very interesting! Honestly I wasn’t aware about any informaton about Bangladesh but now I do! 😀

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Ibrahim Bin abu says:

    Good review, I hear Shakib Al Hasan is good to even though I don’t know that much about cricket. 🙂

  5. Michel says:

    This is sick. I love the way Chris Gayle plays. also I like Shakib Al Hasan.

  6. Happy says:

    This is what I call a tournament. I watched some of the matches.

  7. Cricket is the best sport in the world.
    This beats football everyday of the week!

  8. can zent says:

    I think that India is the best cricket team in the world but Bangladesh is good.

    • Jaisin says:

      Trust me is not true at all. if it is why are they getting hammered in every single matches that they are playing now?

    • Jaisin says:

      I don’t think that India is the best team in the world. if they are then they wouldn’t have been whitewashed against England.

  9. lorenzowebster says:

    I am a big fan of cricket but I must admit I haven’t really heard of it before. However, after reading your review I will definitely be watching it!

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