J.Cole‘s career is blossoming. Since being signed b y Jay-Z’s record label Roc Nation in 2010, he’s found success with hit singles “Who Dat” and “Work it Out”, and in 2011 he released his highly anticipated debut studio album Cole World: The Sideline Story.  The album explores issues of abandonment, lost love and guilty one night stands.

Unlike stereotypical rappers who talk only of the good life, J. Cole discusses more personal issues, such as his desire to have a father.  In contrast to competing rappers like Mac Miller, Drake and L’il Wayne , J. Cole has made a mark in the game by being confident with his words, moving  in with incredible  punch lines and his use of insane instrumentals.

By pouring the emotions provoked by growing up in single parent household into his music, expressing himself so eloquently, J. Cole sets the standard for other young people to explore their feelings through an art form.  Added to that, the album demonstrates J. Cole’s  incredible mindset and determination, proving that he’s on his way to the top.

Any hip-hop fan should buy this album. It consists of great tracks like “Who Dat”, “Work it out”, “Lost One”, and my personal favourite, “Daddy’s Little Girl”. This album fully deserves to be placed among the top ten albums for 2011, alongside Rolling Papers by Wiz Khalifa and Recovery by Eminem. This is an album you should keep for your children’s children.


Sheik Sheriff


About Miss Thomas

I am an English teacher at The City Academy, Hackney.

5 responses »

  1. EsthherB says:

    Sheik your review is really good, I shall consider buying / listening to the album.

  2. can says:

    This really intrests me. I think i might buy the album. 🙂

  3. Whitney Manning says:

    The name of the song is “Work Out”; the fact you got it wrong hurt, but at least it’s right now. The review is very good, considering you stole my idea, but you’ve done J.Cole justice!

  4. Sheik says:

    Thank you very much Whitney. I’m thinking of doing another review for the new tyga album or even the new Jay Z and Kanye West album.

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