Skateboarding started over 50 years ago when bored surfers had no waves to ride; in order to practice their tricks they put together planks of wood with old roller skate wheels. This was known as sidewalk surfing. Sidewalk surfers found out that they could ride smoother if they used baked clay (commonly called urethane) for the wheels instead of the rattling steel wheels.

By the 1970s all sidewalk surfers were using urethane for wheels. Sidewalk surfing morphed into skateboarding when many sidewalk surfers were searching for tricks to do on their boards, therefore manufactures started to make their boards curved and upturned. This enabled skateboarders (this is what they were now known as) to invent new modern tricks.

One of the most innovative skaters around was Rodney Mullen; he invented nearly every trick we see today including the fundamental tricks as well. Without Rodney Mullen, skateboarding would’ve just died out and would never have become the great pastime that it is today.

Sanchez Maquina


About Miss Thomas

I am an English teacher at The City Academy, Hackney.

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  1. Jim Bobby says:

    This sound very cool I would love to try skateboarding

  2. Rooman says:

    Thanks for the information Sanchez

  3. Yusuf says:

    I like your review very interesting facts which I never knew of

  4. EstherB says:

    Nice (Y)

  5. Michel says:

    I like your review. Keep it up.

  6. Jaisin says:

    This is a good review. Keep it up.

  7. zhanade says:

    nice review very detailed and interesting

  8. Tansel Sari says:

    I have a question for you Sanchez, as I see you are really into skateboarding..
    out of my interest what is the best skill you like?

  9. Tansel says:

    Skateboarding is COOL 😀

  10. kieran hart says:

    Skateboarding is a very dangerous sport.

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