In this double review, Ryanna Ryan and Sital Kaur explain why TV show Pretty Little Liars is hot right now.

Ryanna Ryan


The dramatic TV show Pretty Little Liars begins with a shocking murder. When teenager Alison arrives to a slumber party the other girls hear her scream. Rushing to the scene, they discover that she’s been brutally murdered, and the mystery begins.

The show takes you on a journey of love, heartbreak and tragedy. One particularly gripping storyline revolves around central character Aria and her scandalous affair with her English teacher. Throughout one of the series you track the downfall of their love.

In addition to that, the show also explores the theme of homosexuality as Emily, another main character, comes to the realisation that she is a lesbian. There’s also plenty of falling in and out of love throughout the series: one character falls for a murder suspect, while another falls in love with a new guy in town.

Overall Pretty Little Liars is an exciting drama that will keep you hooked with its storylines that focus on human relationships. While the show is currently in its 2nd series, it looks like we can hope for further releases in the future.


Sital Kaur


Pretty Little Liars is an American teen drama that is based on Sara Shepard’s amazing novels of the same title. The story is based on four girls who tragically lose one of their best friends when she is suddenly and inexplicably murdered.  

In their grief the four friends fall apart, but are reunited when each of them receives mysterious texts and notes from someone who claims to be “A”; this appears weird because of the connection to their murdered friend, who was called Alison. To make matters even stranger, these text and notes contain details of their personal secrets that only Alison knew.

So could she still be alive? Or could it be someone messing with them? Well, this is what the girls are determined to find out and won’t stop till they have.

So you think that you could just read the books or watch the TV series and know everything there is to know about Pretty Little Liars? Well you’re wrong, because even if they are both based on the same storyline things change now and then just to keep things interesting. So follow these girls in the amazing series by ABC Family or read the fantastic series of novels by Sara Shepard . See the girls’ lives twist and turn into trouble they would have never even dreamt about.

As well as being popular with teenagers, the show has also won various awards, including a people’s choice award and a teen choice award.


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  1. Na'Imah says:

    Great review , it makes me want to watch Pretty Little Liars.

  2. Leyla Durmaz says:

    It is amazing,I really enjoyeed reading this review and it also it really reflects the programme.

  3. Zhanade Roberts says:

    INTERESTING review it was very intriguing and had me gripped throughout

  4. Deanna Pearce says:

    i know it right

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