Personally I love a good scare. The fear. The curiosity. The tension and suspense. As human beings, I guess we all do – well, the strong hearted ones at least. But I love the gory stuff too; mix some blood and gruesome deaths with tension and suspense and you’ll get the perfect spine-chilling, revolting horror film.

A perfect example of this type of horror film is the series Saw, which started in 2004, with the most recent film being released in 2009, Saw VI. The makers of Saw have created 7 horrific films in total in the 5 year period, leaving the audience craving for more like toddlers craving candy.

 But what is Saw?

Saw tells of a deadly game set up by the serial killer – Jigsaw. He manipulates and tests both the mental and physical strengths of his carefully selected victims, but like any gory horror, many souls are lost on the journey or “tests”, as the legendary Jigsaw might say.

 But why?

Well the answers simple. Jigsaw does not like or tolerate any forms of corrupted justice; naturally, Jigsaw encounters many people can not simply just follow the law, so he takes justice into his own hands. But there’s a twist. If you can show him your obedience to the game, while also completing the sickly objectives set out in the time frame given, and still manage to survive to the final round, you may be free; however, you’ve got to have your game plan first. But what would your game plan be?


Ibrahim Bin Abu

About Miss Thomas

I am an English teacher at The City Academy, Hackney.

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  1. chris says:

    Nice review, but could have added more detail.

  2. ejcas says:

    The only reason it is scary to me is if I imagine myself in the position of the person being gruesomely tortured. Nonetheless great review.

  3. Sanchez says:

    Very cool Ibrahim, I think I may watch the movie series.

  4. Same i love a good scare as well and Saw is one of the best to do this, full of suspense and gore, i LOVE it. :’)

  5. Jim Bobby says:

    This very cool I really want to watch the rest of the series

  6. BossBurland says:

    I love your use of vocabulary. I’m aware that you’ve explored different aspects and showed understanding however you need to add more detail ibz.
    Greatstuff! 😉


  7. Jaisin says:

    I watched all the series and I think that the last series wasn’t that scary.

  8. Brandi Roach says:

    This is a excellent review. You have explained some parts very well. Good use of rhetorical questions.
    Keep up the great work 🙂

  9. zhanade says:

    Good review Ibrahim, very creepy and effective adjectives used.

  10. Kleigh says:

    Well done, your review is very Intriguing.

  11. EstherB says:

    Nice well done

  12. Alicia says:

    Well done, you have explained and persuaded me to watch it.

  13. Kubilay says:

    Nice review Ibrahim, the only fun thing about Saw is that face and the way he laughs.

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