Nicki Minaj, your outfit is bold and daring as usual. What will you surprise us with next Nicki? Well, your outfit is definitely eye-catching. We didn’t know you had turned in to a wild animal. Quick question: what are you supposed to be, a leopard or a cheetah?

Who were you trying to scare off? Was there an ex-boyfriend at the awards that you were trying to disguise yourself from? You could have simply worn a mask or a wig instead of going as a different species.

Speaking of animals, is that a beehive on your head? What’s living in there? Perhaps you’ve got some nits? Or have you been using honey in your hair instead of hairspray? Were there bees flying out of your hair at the awards or was it wasps?

You can definitely say your clothes are always colourful, confident and outrageous and way over the top. Sometimes it’s as if you are in a competition with Lady Gaga for worst outfit! You are always ready with a brand new over the top outfit ready for the camera.


Yolanda Gray-Lucero

About Miss Thomas

I am an English teacher at The City Academy, Hackney.

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