Scott Pilgrim is the epic series of graphic novels by Brian Lee O’Malley. The hero (Scott) needs to defeat a series of super-evil ex boyfriends to be with the girl he loves. I know what you are thinking: an amazing book where the boy is after the damsel in distress. But this girl is no damsel in distress; Ramona Flowers is a hardcore delivery girl who also fights a couple of Scott’s ex girlfriends.

Scott’s taste in girlfriends appears to be pretty consistent, as all the exes have a thirst for violence. For starters there’s Knives Chau, his  17-year-old ex, who is obsessed with him and would do anything to get him back…even assassinate his new girlfriend. Added to that Ramona has to contend with famous singer Envy Adams, who’s jealous of Scott’s new relationship. What will she do to get him back?

This book has also been turned into an amazing motion picture called Scott Pilgrim vs The World (which is the name of the second book of the series) .The movie and the book makes Scott Pilgrim’s world seem like a game, where he can get upgrades and coins for defeating his enemies. He can even get extra lives! With the help from his band, friends and his cool gay room-mate Wallace(as described in the book), will he get the girl of his dreams and live happily ever after?    


Callum Jones


About Miss Thomas

I am an English teacher at The City Academy, Hackney.

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  1. mikereverb says:

    I absolutely love this series.

    The writing is sharp, and the humor is spot on.

    Too bad the movie didn’t do too well; it was a fantastic adaptation of the graphic novels.

    Thanks for sharing and reminding me of how awesome this series is. 🙂

  2. Miss Thomas says:

    I absolutely loved the film too! Does the adaptation stick quite closely to the original novels?

  3. Callum Jones says:

    To answer the question, the film does skip out a few parts which I think are really good from the books but the film and the books are really good.

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