Roza Jemeljanova’s excellent radio play The Arrogant Marathon Runner proved to be a huge success when it was performed at BBC London’s Drama in the Mix talent showcase in at Rich Mix today. The play is about a selfish and arrogant marathon runner who eventually comes to realise her faults, facing some uncomfortable revelations along the way.

Jemeljanova’s characterisation is a highlight of the play.  One character, Hobo, is played by Na’Imah Laurent-Dixon with a trademark French accent.  Laurent-Dixon uses her voice as a mystical and magical weapon, enticing the listener. The character’s ability to cast spells also lends a fantastical twist to the story, adding another dimension to the play that makes it more interesting for the listener. The other actors, Patrycja Siwek, Laurel Mannering-Thorne and Finn Bennett, used their voices brilliantly to portray their characters clearly.

Another really successful device used in The Arrogant Marathon Runner was the employment of spot effects. For those of you new to the craft of radio drama, spot effects are sound effects that the cast of a radio play do as the play is being recorded, or on the spot.  In this play Finn Bennett, in charge of spot effects, had impeccable timing when using the wind chime, using the instrument intelligently to portray time changing.

In conclusion, The Arrogant Marathon Runneris an amazing radio drama, packed with tension and humour. But don’t take it from me, visit  where you’ll find recordings of all the radio plays performed as part of BBC London’s Drama in the Mix talent showcase.


Matteo Fernandes

About Miss Thomas

I am an English teacher at The City Academy, Hackney.

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  1. Miss Thomas says:

    An excellent review Matteo. I also particularly enjoyed the way Laurel Mannering-Thorne cleverly used her voice to show the way her character’s initial arrogance turned to shame and regret as the play progressed.

    Finn Bennett should also get a mention for his extremely funny portrayal of Rachel’s best friend, Jason.

    Added to that, Patrycja showed excellent microphone technique when playing the parts of the BBC sports presenter and the interviewer beside the running track. A great performance!

  2. omgblahlol says:

    I thought that Finn’s accent for the camp friend was hilarious!

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