Pablo Picasso is one of the world’s most celebrated artists, and famous for his emotive paintings, especially Guernica. Guernica is a painting of the devastating events of the homonymous Basque place that was bombed by Spanish Nationalist forces during the Spanish Civil War on April 26, 1937.

The most interesting feature in this artwork is its subject matter. Picasso depicts humans and animals of all sorts in terror, running, screaming or lying helplessly on the ground. The distorted figures and confusion of limbs add to the disturbing scene of horror.

Another interesting feature is the collage-effect. In Guernica all the characters are placed in ways that portray them as overlapping or meeting. Whilst some people might feel that this makes the painting look messy and rushed, others may believe that the Cubist confusion of misshapen bodies adds to the impression of chaos and terror.

To conclude, Picasso’s painting is emotive due to its disturbing subject matter and unique depiction of the devastation caused by the bombing. However, I believe that this effect could have been heightened if Picasso had chosen to use a variety of colours, rather than simple black, white and grey.


Darlington Nwosu

About Miss Thomas

I am an English teacher at The City Academy, Hackney.

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  1. Na'Imah says:

    Good review Darlington

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