The Oscars 2012 has been wild! Milla Jokovich with her wedding-style dress, Sasha Baron Cohen with his dictator suit, and Lizzy Gardiner with her ‘American Express’ dress. All of them make your unstrapped  dress look stunning in comparison! However, Missi, you’re not getting off that easily. No, your inability to wear one strap on her shoulder means you’re definitely on our hit list.

Seriously, how can you make that dress look so unattractive? If you aren’t able to do a simple thing like wear a strap, then don’t bother to wear a dress like that. Next time, make sure that you can wear a dress that doesn’t require you to do anything too demanding.

 Also, your dress seems a bit tight, doesn’t it? We asked Miss Muppet for her comments on Missi’s dress, and said “Oh gosh, I though I looked dodgy in my dress, but when I think about it, at least mine actually fitted me!”

Overall Missi, unfortunately your dress is a no-go. Next year, make sure you get the right sized dress with straps that you can deal with.


Michaela Bazzoni

About Miss Thomas

I am an English teacher at The City Academy, Hackney.

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  1. Austin says:

    She looks terrible.

  2. great review michaela 😉

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