Charlie Higson’s zombie-filled page-turner The Fear is the wonderful, new spine-chilling book in The Enemy series. This time Dognut and some of the gang from the Tower of London set off down the Thames in search of other groups of kids and Brooke, the girl Dognut is in love with. The book is a brilliant example of how Higson glues your eyes to the pages whilst making you scream.

The novel is set in London after the illness that wiped out everyone over the age of fourteen, but some of the adults didn’t die, they became mutated, sick and hungry monsters. This book is the third in the series and carries on from the events of the second. The plot consists of friendship, rivalry and a massive power struggle. The crew from ‘the Tower’ row down the Thames and find the kids staying in the houses of parliament, but are directed to Buckingham Palace, controlled by the infamous David who plans to take control of London. There are so many twists and turns you never know what the next page will bring and all the side plots keep the story jumping from one story of survival to another.

Another aspect of the novel which makes it so enjoyable and exciting is all the characters and their stories. For example Dognut has set out with a crew to find Brooke, but David sends his friend Jester out to find more children, all while Shadow Man is trying to survive on his own. The intense drama and the use of many stories keep the plot fresh but Higson’s pitch perfect writing ensures you get to know every single character in the novel.

If you want to be terrified, witness intense action and read a story of love and friendship you need to read The Fear, one of the best children books currently in the book shops. A great story and brilliant characters make this a must read for 2012.     


Felix Feldman

About Miss Thomas

I am an English teacher at The City Academy, Hackney.

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  1. Miss Thomas says:

    Great work Felix, I’d been wondering how the other books in Higson’s series compared to The Enemy. Does this novel contain as much gore as the first? I loved the graphic descriptions of the zombies’ gruesome appearance in The Enemy!

  2. I realy like this book as well but I think that The Enemy is the best in the the series. I love reading books but I dont think it it is the best ever.

  3. I realy love reading but this is not the best in the series.

  4. Aaron says:

    Great Job Felix. I am reading the book right now and I disagree with Louis. THE FEAR IS THE BEST BOOK OF THE SERIES. 😀

  5. lorenzowebster says:

    No I think The Enemy is the best book of the series as it includes the best characters.
    Great review Felix!

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