Leonardo da Vinci was a multi-talented Renaissance man. Born in 1452, da Vinci considered by many to be the best painter of all time. One of his most famous works is The Last Supper, a mural painting of the scene of The Last Supper from the Gospel of John in the Bible. The painting depicts the final meal that Jesus shared with his disciples when he announced that one of the twelve would betray him.

In the painting da Vinci uses dark, dull colours to give the painting a sombre look that matches the dark atmosphere. The bold colours are immersive, and they draw the viewer’s attention towards Christ at the centre. Da Vinci’s aim is to make Jesus stand out from the disciples, so he uses a bold red to depict Jesus’ robes.  

The composition of the painting, with the disciples seated along the same side of a long table enables da Vinci to portray the men’s expressions clearly, showing that they are busily engaged in discussion whilst eating and drinking. As well as being painted at a certain angle so the bright sky from behind makes him stand out from the disciples, da Vinci places Jesus in the middle of the painting to represent his importance to the scene.

Overall De Vinci uses colours and composition effectively to create a masterpiece that brings the biblical scene to life.


Nicole Marshall

About Miss Thomas

I am an English teacher at The City Academy, Hackney.

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  1. Miss Thomas says:

    Lovely writing Nicole, your analysis of the techniques da Vinci uses in order to make Jesus stand out from his disciples is astute.

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