This great radio play really showed how determination changes a person. Jake thinks that he’s not capable of achieving anything, but his PE teacher sees potential in him and encourages him to believe in himself and train hard to achieve his dream. In the play, written and performed by Ayesha Begum, Maliha Begum, Farzana Hussain, Shamsia Aktar and Taniya Sultana, the support from Jake’s teacher prompts the young man to value success and make the right choice in life.

 In Race to Know Myself, the five students from Central Foundation Girls’ School have created a well-structured radio play that is clear throughout. The well-chosen sound effects conveyed the different settings imaginatively; in one scene, for example, the sound of a baby crying made it clear that Jake was at home with his mother and sibling.

Another strong feature of the performance, which took place at Rich Mix as part of the Drama in the Mix talent showcase  last Wednesday, was the acting. The five performers remained in character throughout the play, a challenging task particularly as there are many amusing lines in the script.  The character of Jake in particular was played really well, with dialect used successfully, and this was particularly impressive as the role was played by a girl.

Overall, the whole play was performed amazingly, and all the students responsible for writing and performing the play should be extremely proud of their achievement, as they really succeeded in bringing the script to life.

Listen to it yourself by clicking on the link below, where you’ll find recordings of all the radio plays performed as part of BBC London’s Drama in the Mix talent showcase.


Patrycja Monika Siwek


About Miss Thomas

I am an English teacher at The City Academy, Hackney.

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