Mind-blowing radio drama The Worst Case Scenario, written by Jonathan Smith and John Grego and performed in conjunction with Luke Hasler and Sufyaan Mahmood, cleverly fuses the Olympics theme with politics and contemporary issues including the riots and the Olympics ticketing scandal.

This complex comedy from students of Chingford Foundation School has an amazingly intricate storyline, but the actors’ excellent performance made it simple for the listeners to keep up. To summarise, a group of friends apply for Olympic tickets but when they don’t get allocated any their outlook on the Olympics turns sour; can they get things under control before it’s too late? The creativity and amusing twists that Smith and Grego manage to put on modern day events keeps the listeners interested and engrossed in the play.

Another successful aspect of the play is the casts’ use of voices, in particular their spectacular uses of accents that range from American to Italian, English and French. These really add to the comedy within the script and serve to immerse the listener in the world of the play. Added to that, the appearance of important global political figures, such as Nicolas Sarkozy, as characters within the play, also adds to the overall humour as their accents are taken off to perfection. Lastly, the clever use of sound effects creates atmosphere and helps the listener truly understand the play.

Overall The Worst Case Scenario is an absolute triumph, and one of the best plays performed at the Drama in the Mix talent showcase at Rich Mix. Be sure to listen to it by clicking on the link below:



Na’Imah Laurent-Dixon

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I am an English teacher at The City Academy, Hackney.

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