Radio play Trials and Tribulations, by Mulberry School for Girls, tells the story of Olympic hopeful Caitlin, who finds that her sporting goal puts her friendship with her best friend under pressure. The play, written and performed by Sayma Uddin, Meenara Khatun, Nadia Khatun, Anayha Rahman and Tania Abedin, and performed at the Drama in the Mix talent showcase, shows the tough decisions that athletes face in order to achieve their dreams.

 Trials and Tribulations cleverly presented the negative events that could happen in the personal life of a competitor the run-up to sporting events such as The Olympics.  The way the plot shows how friendship can become one of the main obstacles in the real world is an intelligent move as it means that the listeners can easily understand Caitlin’s feelings.

 Additionally, the performers’ use of sound effects, including a phone ringing and a door opening, is unique and effective as it sets the scene.

Personally I would have liked the plot to be developed even further, but overall Trials and Tribulations successfully shows the way the Olympics can have an effect on friendships.

Listen to it yourself by clicking on the link below, where you’ll find recordings of all the radio plays performed as part of BBC London’s Drama in the Mix talent showcase.


Elijah Cotterrell

About Miss Thomas

I am an English teacher at The City Academy, Hackney.

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  1. Miss Thomas says:

    I particularly liked the way the mother’s advice proved to be sound in this play. If your friends are genuine, they’ll care equally about your success.

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