Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief is a book set in America during the present day, but there’s a twist: monsters are all around and Half-Bloods venture through all the lands to overpower the Titans. The book is not a book of chariots, swords and gods but has all the features of the modern world. Percy Jackson (Perceus Jackson), the main character has a life that is worse than the Pits of Tartarus. His mother is one of a normal average human but on the other hand however, his father is the God of the Sea – Poseidon. He is victimised by the Great Zeus for pilfering his Lightning Bolt, the strongest weapon of all the worlds. After finding his math teacher to be one of the Furies, his whole life turns around.

After reading the book I fell into the Labyrinth of Daedalus and wanted to read more and more. Being the first book of the Percy Jackson series, you will be explained how he comes about finding out that he can control the water and all about the future to come. On discovering his best friend, Grover, to be a satyr, and seeing his mother taken to the Underworld by a Minotaur, he seeks refuge at camp Half-Blood protected by the tree of Thalia – the daughter of Zeus. Since he entered the borders of camp Half-Blood, he goes on quests to defeat monsters and to show he is worthy enough to become a true Immortal. He meets Annabeth a girl full of surprise, since being the daughter of the god of wisdom – Athena.

If you read the book you will be held by its grasp and will be forced to read all the books in the series, until Percy turns 16. From then on he will be given the choice to Join the Titans and send Olympus crashing to the ground or to start a raging war against the Titans.


Hamza Bhula

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  1. Aaron says:

    I have watched the movie, but i never thought the book would be as good until now.
    Well done 😀 🙂

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