Walking into the stand to meet the crowd, all I could   hear were fans shouting “Come on you gooners!” At the same time, I could see all of the players lining up to shake each others’ hands. The ref blew his whistle, the game began and all the players displayed their talent from the start; it was fantastic.

29 minutes into the terrific game, all of a sudden Arsenal’s defence looked out of shape and allowed Ben Arfa to skip past them and score a terrific goal for Newcastle. All the Arsenal fans screamed “Don’t worry we can get a goal back.”

Their confidence paid off as just 10 minutes later Robin Van Persie popped out of nowhere and blasted the ball into the bottom corner; Newcastle goalkeeper Timkrul had no chance of saving the shot and the ref blew for half time.

As the second half was about to start, I imagined in the dressing room Arsene Wenger said to his players “Relax, I would be happy with a draw but I will be extremely happy with a win.” The remaining 45 minutes was an example of fantastic end to end football.

As the game drew to a close, the last attack was a corner. Robin Van Persie crossed the ball and Vermalen got onto the end of it and scored. The whole crowd went crazy and started singing “Come on you gooners!”

After the ref had blown his whistle all the players ran over to the Arsenal stand, where they lined up and started to clap the fans. All of the fans, including me, didn’t stop cheering for the whole 90 minutes because we all wanted Arsenal to win.

All the Arsenal fans left the Emirates with a big smile and headed off to the pub to celebrate. Arsenal had gone 1 point ahead of rivals Tottenham Hotspurs and everyone was even happier that Arsenal had claimed 3rd in the Premier League table.  


Kieran Hart

About Miss Thomas

I am an English teacher at The City Academy, Hackney.

4 responses »

  1. Miss Thomas says:

    An excellent review Kieran, with plenty of interesting detail about the high points of the game. Who do you think should have been named man of the match?

  2. Micheal Jim says:

    This very good reveiw Kieran. I saw the match myself at home and I agree that Arsenal played very well, even though I don’t support Arsenal I support Man United.

  3. lorenzowebster says:

    I think Arsenal played very well, however so did Newcastle and I think it was a little bit harsh for them to lose the game in the last minute.
    Great review Kieran.

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