The Devil Inside is about Isabella Rossi, the daughter of Maria Rossi. Isabella visits the asylum in Italy where her mother was transferred, as 20 years ago she violently killed 3 people during her own exorcism. Whilst visiting a school for exorcism in Rome, she meets 2 priests who after some time agree to review her mother for the first time in many years. The 2 new found friends decided to perform an exorcism on the mother. However the events preceding the exorcism result ina transferal of the demands and the brutal death of people who were present at the exorcism.

The thriller, directed by William Brent Bell, lasts just 83 minutes but packs in plenty of jumpy scenes. The whole film is based on a true story of footage found, which shocks the whole audience. One aspect of the film that helps to terrify the audience is the jumpy camera work, which changes suddenly. At certain points the camera work is shaky, which can make the audience dizzy. This is because the director uses a handheld camera, which tricks the audience into believing the film is a documentary, rather than recreated illusion.

Although the film isn’t frightening throughout, as the suspense and tension aren’t maintained, that doesn’t mean that at points it wasn’t scary. In addition, the ending of the short film is shocking and dramatic, and leaves you on a cliff hanger, wanting to see more.

I would recommend The Devil Inside to people looking for short, quick scare; however, it is not the scariest of films and if you want to watch a chilling, spine tingling horror flick, this is not the film for you.


Courtney Hooper

About Miss Thomas

I am an English teacher at The City Academy, Hackney.

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