Named after the hero of many timeless classics this game is no different,a madness of spinning wheels,creative weapons and psychopathic characters. After creating your driving licence (you can’t lose it for bad driving)there are  loads of things to do.Battle your enemy’s  for coins or burst their balloons in all out driving  . With flawless control due too the wii wheel, races have a realistic quality like never seen before.Choose your character kart and track,then head for the wheel.

As for course selection there’s 6 cups each one bringing you 4 more  amazing tracks with loop the loops, jumps, waterfalls, snow ,rain, cannons and fire it’s all a crazy kart racer could wish for. Also  compare times race and battle to your hearts content with other with people around the world online.

Unfortunately there are some flaws, a surprising lack of gears (the nearest thing is drift) and view change add a damper to this could be classic but over all this really is the best driving game to buy for a long time. So get get set  for  the best wheel spinning action off the year.


By Louis .  


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  1. patto1992 says:

    Absolutely loved this game back in the day and I am glad that the wii version is just as good. Very easy to pick up and play which makes it fun for everyone and it is always good fun to play with a few friends

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