There’s a new fad in the world of gaming and its name is Temple Run. WARNING – it may become addictive after the third go!

In Temple Run you become a doppelganger of Indiana Jones; your objective is to stay out of the danger of evil eagle-gorilla hybrid monster look-alikes, and keep avoiding obstacles in your path by tilting and swiping your way through.

Temple Run was trending on Twitter for a while, and App World crashed for 9 hours because everyone was so eager to download it. Gaming addicts will enjoy the opportunities the game offers them to swiftly improve by jumping for boosts, winning coin bundles, and gaining irresistible and magnetic powers.

Players can die in a variety of ways, including being chased and caught by gorillas, along with bashing their heads into low-hanging branches. The game is crazy but fun, with crisp graphics and snappy navigation. Temple Run lets you tweak sensitivity to gestures, making it far more engaging than any other Apple app because you are the hero.


Olivia Lawrence Watson


About Miss Thomas

I am an English teacher at The City Academy, Hackney.

3 responses »

  1. saneeta.k says:

    I love this game so much. I play it like everyday on my iPad. My highest score is 3/4 million.

  2. huzayfah says:

    Now available on the Google Play Store as well

  3. huzayfah says:

    My highest on the Nexus 7 tablet is 2 million

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