Has the first motion capture film ever made made a name for itself in the industry? Probably not. Many scathing reveiws  have pushed a surprisingly good storyline into the shadows. But why the bad reviews? The new technology means that the facial features are slightly plasticy but the movement is smooth. As for the storyline, it is a slightly mangled mix of the 3 best story books. The characters magnify the stereotypes created in the books .The sparse 3d effects create a sense of papery reality which gives the characters a comic quality.      

The classic  story of a treasure hunt has been refined in this could be classic of an adventure made real , but the way Herge imagined Tintin may not be brought out in this montage of different books, that distort the profile of such a person as this adventurous reporter. As the other characters are invented solely for the film, there is criticism from many levels. For me there is nothing better than a fresh take on a book as it brings out the versatillity of  not only the actors but the director and the screen writer. So if you’re looking for a funny thrill sandwich with some slapstick comedy on top, this is the film for you.                                

Louis Smith Landor.

3 responses »

  1. felixgamer2 says:

    Excellent review louis I’ll consider watching this film but I think there will be some better movies in the genre.

  2. lorenzowebster says:

    I watched the film and it was better than i expected it to be. Still not great and I would have preferred it to be real actors.

  3. Uwais says:

    I watched this film and i thought it was amazing/ detective style action when they try to find the treaasure of the lost pearl. 🙂

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