The Blackberry Playbook surprised existing Blackberry users accustomed to the brand’s phones. However, the tablet has been a hit.

 With its sleek black design and rectangular shape, the Blackberry Playbook can be carried everywhere. There are plenty of accessories too, such as covers, cases and even a little keyboard you can connect to the tablet.

The price of the playbook has been slashed, making it one of the cheapest tablets around, and the release of OS2.0 adds email support and opens the door for greater choice of apps, making the Playbook an even better deal.

Although the Playbook is Blackberry’s first tablet, with its 7 inch screen and solid casing it feels very much like a quality product.

Full marks to Blackberry for this fantastic product.


Thais Ferreira Alves


About Miss Thomas

I am an English teacher at The City Academy, Hackney.

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