The iPad 3 is finally here and it’s bigger and better than the one that have come before. With this brand new model the touch is amazing, blurring the line between virtual and real life.

iPad 3 has a number of enhancements that make this model far superior to iPads 1 and 2, including 4G internet connection plus a hi-tech 5pm iSight camera and 1080p HD video.

Added to that, the iPad 3’s colours are richer than ever, and the retina display has laser-sharp text. Another feature, Airplay, lets you transfer your photos and videos to your TV screen all in HD.

Also, are you tired of typing? Why not try the dictionary tool you say what you want to type. For you gadget geeks the iPad 3 has A5X chip with quad-core graphics drives, meaning four times better graphics than the previous iPads.

Overall this brilliant product shows why Apple continue to lead the tablet market.


Harjeet Singh Bhakar

About Miss Thomas

I am an English teacher at The City Academy, Hackney.

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