Winner: The best goal of the week undoubtedly was Papis Cisse’s fantastic long-range wonder goal. The game itself – Chelsea v Newcastle – was vital to both teams as the margin separating them in the Premier League was only one point. Cisse had earlier given Newcastle the lead and his team were desperately trying hang on with only ten minutes of the game left. Then, out of nowhere, a loose ball dropped to Cisse who swivelled quickly and released an outrageous shot with the outside of his foot. The ball flew into the top corner, leaving a shell-shocked Chelsea team literally applauding the Newcastle striker’s brilliance. This goal will definitely be a contender for ‘goal of the season’ and I expect Papis Cisse to become a world class player in the near future.

Runner up: Second place has to go to Luka Modric’s swerving volley from 25 yards. The Croatian controlled the ball skilfully on his chest before guiding a controlled shot past the Bolton Goalkeeper. Modric, who plays in midfield for Tottenham, later said that as soon as he hit it he knew it was going in.

3rd Place: This goal was not only a great goal but a hugely crucial one as well. Manchester City,  who are fighting over the Premier League title with Manchester United, knew only a win would be good enough at St James park. However, with less than a quarter of the game to go, they didn’t look like getting that result. Then just when they had lost all hope their talismanic midfielder Yaya Toure bustled his way past a few defenders, played a one-two with Aguero and curled a shot into the back of the net. That could just be the goal that wins Man City the title.

Lorenzo Webster

Cisse goal

Modric goal

Yaya Toure goal


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  1. Kieran says:

    Well done Webster!

  2. lorenzowebster says:

    Thank you Kieran.

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