1st place: The best goal of the week came in one of the most pivotal games of the season. Manchester City, who had to win the game if they were to, claim the title were level against QPR with only a minute remaining. The City fans in the stadium were getting more and more stressed as every second passed by. Time was not on City’s side and every player was showing extreme urgency to get the all-important goal. Tick-tock tick-tock. Seconds remaining. Then it happened. A scramble inside the penalty area caused the ball to deflect into the path of Sergio Aguero. Majestically he skipped past the defender. Half the job was done. Now it was only him against the keeper. Time seemed to stop as the Argentinian swung his boot down onto the ball.  The talismanic striker had the outcome of the Barclays premier league resting on his shoulders. Tens of thousands of City fans looked on as the ball flew through the air, as if  in slow motion. It flew and flew – and then suddenly it was in the back of the net. GOOOOAAAALL!!!!! Every single City fan jumped to their feet. They knew they had just witnessed the most incredible five minutes in the history of the premier league. City players and fans partied long into the night as thy celebrated their club’s proudest moment.

2nd place: In second place this week we have an amazing goal scored by Bolton’s captain and star striker Kevin Davies. He received the ball wide on the right hand side with his teammates flooding into the penalty area. The opposition goalkeeper who was expecting Davies to cross the ball was not in any way prepared for what happened next. The striker shaped to cross the ball but instead he somehow sneaked a shot inside the near post. For a moment the whole stadium was silent and even Kevin Davies didn’t quite believe what he had just done. It was a truly astonishing goal from an almost impossible angle.

3rd Place: This goal was nearly the party pooper for Manchester City as it came from the QPR striker Djbril Cisse. The goal meant that unless they scored themselves, Manchester City were not going to win the title leaving hated neighbours Manchester United as winners. At the time of Cisse’s goal Manchester  City were dominating but all it took was one simple ball over the top to leave the whole City defence wiped out. As the ball dropped back down to Cisse he still had a lot to do. The French man expertly volleyed the bouncing ball with all his might past the stunned City keeper. Suddenly there was an eerie atmosphere in the stadium as Cisse celebrated with his set of supporters.

Sergio Aguero Goal

Kevin Davies goal

Djbril Cisse Goal

Lorenzo Webster


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  1. sergio aguero is such a great stricker.

  2. lorenzowebster says:

    If you mean striker then I agree! Clearly everyone else agree’s as Aguero is winning in the polls.

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