The video below shows Drogba best performance of the season yet. Drogba had impeccable passes throughout the game, and he also showed good work rate from start to finish. Drogba has been linked with moves away from Chelsea as he is now 34 and therefor this was an amazing fairy tail ending to his career as a Blues player. Drogba’s first goal was a powerful header that rescued his team with only two minutes remaining. When the game went into penalties he was always going to take and therefore when he found himself responsible for the decisive spot kick the fans were quite confident that he could win them the premier league.

Full highlights

Kieran Hart


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  1. lorenzowebster says:

    Kieran, Do you think Chelsea deserved to win the Champions League and also, do you think Drogba will stay at Chelsea next year.

  2. lorenzowebster says:

    Drogba has left Chelsea but not to Barcelona. He is probably going to leave to a Chinese team

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