Splinter Cell: Conviction is the new game in the spine chilling series and a game people may wait ages for, yet the wait is worthwhile. The game is set in Washington D.C in the USA and in the game you play as Sam Fisher, an ex-agent for a secret government agency, which needs your help to kill Irving Lambert. Irving Lambert is the person who you think is responsible for your daughter, Sarah Fisher’s death. However you’re never told if this is really the case as, in the game, your character gets hints that his daughter may not actually be dead.

The plot is very strong and is always interesting. If you thought the game was getting boring then immediately something grabs your attention. The game will never leave you hanging and will leave you addicted. The game is amazing. Great graphics mean that the characters are really brought to life.

Overall I think that Splinter Cell: Conviction is great and the game creators are able to keep you hooked throughout; the only problem is that the game is too short.



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  1. Roughbladez says:

    Sounds like a good shooter game!But aren’t most FPS’s very short?

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