If the 2009 action movie Clash of the Titans was bad then the sequel Wrath of the Titans is even worse (and that is saying allot). The film follows on from the end of the first movie, where son of Greek god Zeus, Persius defeated the Kraken, a giant monster threatening to destroy the world. In many ways Wrath of the Titans tries to remove any element of storytelling or connection to the viewers that the original had and instead it opts for all our computer generated carnage which looses its enjoyment factor after the first fifteen minutes.

The story starts when two gods begin to release their evil dad from the underworld but need to capture Zeus to be able to do it. Persius swore that he would never fight and live a normal life with his son. However, when creatures from the underworld begin appearing and terrorising people he knew he had to stop it. So as expected Persius sets off on a big adventure to rescue Zeus, finding friends and fighting monsters on the way. And without much difficulty Persius and his gang achieve their goal, only to find out they are too late and the gods’ evil dad has been set free. This results in a massive fight as Persius attempts to him down. Unlike some great action movie this final battle was an anti-climax and very dull.

This movie was made for children who couldn’t care less about acting or storylines, but would rather show confusing and repetitive violence for an hour and a half. There was promise from the original that an engaging and exciting movie could follow but saying Wrath of the Titans was disappointing is an understatement. This could have been an epic story full of magic and gods but instead was a huge mess. This is a disgrace to the film industry.


By Felix Feldman          

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