Sergio aguero signs for Man City in July 2011 for 38 Million

Aguero score Man City’s third goal against Manchester United

The best signing of the season has to go to the Argentinian Forward Sergio Aguero. In August 2012 Aguero came to Manchester City from Athletico Madrid for £38 million. That was City’s record transfer but anyone that thought he was going to have trouble paying them back was hugely mistaken. On the first day of the season Aguero scored two goals from the bench and from then on he didn’t look back. He has scored several hat-tricks and lot’s of goals against big teams including Man United, Villarreal, Chelsea and Tottenham. However his most important goal came in the last minute of the last game of the season. The stage is set.  Man City need a goal in the final minute of the game to win the title. The ball is played into Aguero who completes a one-two with his team mate. He receives the ball again and effortlessly strides past the defender. The crowd scream ‘SHOOT’ but Aguero manages to keep his cool and hammers a shot past the keeper. That goal won Man City the title but more importantly that signing won Man City the title.


   Sergio Aguero’s season

 Sergio Aguero winning goal

By Lorenzo Webster


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