The FA cup is still the most historic competition in English football and Chelsea showed that when they displayed a winning team in the final against Liverpool. There were rumours that Chelsea would play a week team with the Champions League final ahead of them however when they displayed their strongest eleven the importance of the FA cup was evident for everyone to see. Liverpool had to win this competition to turn their season from a failure to a success and therefore the game was always going to be feisty.

John Terry (left) and Gerrard (right) captained there team in the final

Chelsea started the better team and got a dream start when Ramires netted in the eleventh minute. The brazilian showed his pace to get free of his marker before driving a hard shot down at Pepe Reina’s near post. The Liverpool goalkeeper had committed himself too early leaving himself helpless as the ball trickled in off his leg. Chelsea were showing what they were made of and just after half time Didier Drogba fired Chelsea into a two goal lead. The Chelsea fans were ecstatic whilst Liverpool’s hopes began to fade away. However Liverpool stuck by there task and the game changed when the 6 foot 5 striker, Andy Carol entered the pitch. He immediately pounced onto a stray pass before smacking the ball into the top corner. Suddenly Chelsea were only one goal in the lead and Liverpool were desperately trying to grab an equaliser. Liverpool’s big moment came seven minutes from time when a cross went in towards Andy Carol at the far post. He rose well and powerfully headed the ball int the corner. He must of thought the ball had gone in as he raced off to celebrate but somehow Petr Cech manage to claw the ball onto the crossbar and out of danger. Carol claimed that the ball had crossed the line but the linesman signalled no goal. The replay show that it is impossible to give a goal as it was so tight and that all the angles were inconclusive. Therefore the linesman made the correct decision.

Carroll’s header causes debate on whether it went over the line.

When the full time whistle went the Chelsea fans celebrated another FA Cup trophy for the club. These scenes must be very familiar for the experienced players however the newer group were more excited by the occasion. Another day out at Wembley for the fans became another cup for the trophy cabinet whilst Chelsea continue to show desire in this competition.

Didier Drogba (left) Celebrates his winning goal with Ramieres (right)


Lorenzo Webster


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