In Dave Pelzer’s shattering, autobiographical novels A Child Called ‘It’ , The Lost Boy, and A Man Named Dave, the  author reveals the dreadful experiences he has had during his childhood. Dave went through things no child should go through: he was abused, forced to complete degrading chores such as cleaning the disgusting  bathroom, and hardly fed. However, he was still standing, dreaming about a better future. While we dreamed of better toys he dreamed of freedom where no one abused him and bossed him around. Till one day his dream came true; Dave was given a choice, a choice whether to stay with his mother or go to a foster home; was Dave’s choice going to be for the better or for the worse?  Read his novels to find out.

Dave’s situation was so bad that he was referred as ‘it’. When his mother approached him his body  automatically became tense and he was not able to move; if he moved he would be severely punished.

This breath taking series of books charts Dave’s childhood and adolescence up to the point where he is saved. In the second  book of the series, Dave returns to his evil mother’s house to find out the reason why  he was treated in such terrible ways. Since he had been rescued, the question ‘why?’ had been running though his mind. He desperately wanted to know ‘why’ his real mother never loved him and never said the three words he always wanted to hear ‘I love you’.

If your a lover of sorrowful books then Dave Pelzer books is the ideal author to choose; his life changing  books will make you want to cry and see how hard some people’s lives are.


Tansel Sari

About Miss Thomas

I am an English teacher at The City Academy, Hackney.

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  1. […] book even from the start. One might predict the flow of the story and how will it end. However, the The Lost Boy transcended ordinary […]

  2. iamblackandwhite says:

    Hello, I was searching for similar post on WordPress about The Lost Boy and I found your blog. I hope you can check my post too as I have formulated my insights from the book. I agree with you about Dave Pelzer as an ideal author of sorrowful books because The Lost Boy has proven it. However, there is more to look forward other than the sorrowful aspect, which is the lesson that Dave wants to communicate to his readers. God Bless and may we share his insights!


  3. patto1992 says:

    These are fantastic books and I think anyone that loves reading should get them! Just have some tissues nearby

    • iamblackandwhite says:

      Hello there! I have read his book and I am incredibly touched with how he portrayed the main character. It was an unfortunate experience he has traveled, yet he reached the zenith of the success to the very end. The book teaches a lot of lessons and every person should know them.


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