AVB showing how stressed he was in a press conference

In a season packed full of quality there were some awful performances as well, and they didn’t have to be on the pitch. For example this year’s top flop has gone to Andreas Villas Boas, also known as AVB.

The Portuguese manager took over Chelsea football club in August however things didn’t exactly go as well as he had hoped. Chelsea looked a shambles at the back and there was only one man to blame. AVB was getting his tactics all wrong and this was typified when they got trashed 5 – 3 against their London rivals Arsenal. Chelsea were giving away goals for free and even failed to hold on to a three goal lead in a match against Manchester United. What’s more the young manager was not getting on with the experienced players and as a result was loosing the dressing room. News had it that he was failing to respect the fact that Chelsea needed experience and when he dropped Cole and Lampard for a crucial Champions League game against Napoli everyone knew he had lost the plot. Several days later the axe came down on his head and the manager was relived of his duties. Then just to rub salt in the wounds the remainder of the season saw Chelsea win the FA Cup and the Champions League with the same bunch of players. After a nightmare of a season at Chelsea I suspect he will have trouble finding another top job soon.

Fans’ reaction

Lorenzo Webster

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