My Murder is an inventive drama based on a real life event that shows the kind of crime teenagers get up to in this day and age. The drama is intended to raise awareness of Shakilus Townsend’s murder, which became known as the honey trap killing. My Murder sends the viewer on a journey through a wonderful range of emotions, ending in a dreadful, violent scene.

The traumatic plot involves Shakilus, a young man who comes out of prison and tries to get his life back on track; he meets pretty Samantha on the bus and falls for her. Unfortunately, Samantha has a boyfriend,  Danny,  who is part of a gang and who doesn’t treat her well. The initial meeting between Shakilus and Samantha leads to a secret relationship behind Danny’s back. When Danny starts to suspect that something is going on, it all leads to trouble.

Actor John Boyega plays the lead role as Shakilus and is really convincing as he makes the viewers believe the situation whilst having sympathy for him; similarly actor Simona Zivkovska, who plays the role of the naive and easily persuaded Samantha, made me change my opinion of the character throughout the documentary with intelligent characterisation.

Overall  this sensitively made documentary teaches viewers to be loyal, and most importantly to think before they act.


Inreece Malone-Ruddock

About Miss Thomas

I am an English teacher at The City Academy, Hackney.

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