By Aaron Owusu

Dark, gloomy and sinister indeed; the smell of death diffused with the air and there was no sign of life anywhere. The wind blew gently and, as if they had been asked to, the blades of grass immediately swayed from side to side. The buildings were all neglected around here; this area was full of contagious depression. The trees were like gigantic spiders, creeping out of the darkness. I did not expect a sound until…   

“Woof, woof!”

What was that?

It sounded almost like a…a…dog? Some say I am mad, crazy and daft, but I don’t care, officer. I know I am brave I am sure you will agree with me once you hear my story.

I always loved my mum and feared that dog. Since day one when we found him in the grave yard and I saw his dark black fur, I knew he was no good. If he did not receive any of my food at dinner, once mum left to go shopping I was in for it.

One time, as I was walking through the neglected building I call my home, I suddenly felt the presence of him. I turned around but no one was there; all I saw was the crumbling wall of my ancient house. Officer, there was also a time when my mother and I were watching the television and from the corner of my eye I could see his eyes glaring at me as if I was a cat. However, as years passed I got used to it – even seeing his sharp teeth in my dreams had become almost normal.

Everything was going fine until one day mum forgot to feed him because she had to go to a funeral. You should have seen his face – dark, gloomy and sinister like the graveyard where we found him. As if I was the cause of this he came up to me and growled. Why me, what had I done?

“Woof, woof, woof!”

I couldn’t believe it… he wanted me to kill my own mother. I had to draw the line.


I stood my ground. I was going nowhere! With a loud shout I refused to follow his command and without a moment’s hesitation he came for my leg at full speed. After one vicious bite my leg was quickly consumed with agonising pain.

Enough was enough! I had to do it. Any thing was better than this pain. I had to kill her…my own mother.

That night at an ungodly hour I got out of my bed and entered my mother’s room. I at looked her face, oh so peaceful. As I drew the knife her eyes opened slowly then widened in fear.

“Sorry, I have to do it or he’ll make my life a misery!” I shouted.

 “Who?” she exclaimed?

I didn’t answer. I had to get it over with.

Without a moment’s hesitation I stabbed her, my own mother. Blood spurted out from her chest, covering my shirt.

 I had done the deed.

“Bye mother,” I whispered sadly.

I turned back again and the beast was gone.

I thought my sin had rid me of the demon dog until the day of my mother’s funeral. We went to the same graveyard to bury her and there he was. Fury filled my body, I got out my knife, sliced through everyone in my way and leapt onto the dog and killed it. I was overcome with happiness that my torment was finally over.

Unfortunately, that killing spree got me locked up in this psychiatric prison. Surely you don’t think I am mad now officer…What… you do?!


About Miss Thomas

I am an English teacher at The City Academy, Hackney.

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  1. Darlington says:

    I enjoyed the plot twist, it made the ending interesting. Well done!!

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